Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What do you make of this?

I have never seen a squirrel quite act like this one:
Maybe it was sick, maybe it was gorged, or maybe it was just sunbathing.

The Move

Monday afternoon, my family moved all my stuff from the frog where I had been sleeping with my two brothers:

I had sprained my ankle on Sunday, so I wasn't able to help. I do owe a lot of gratitude to them for their work. My new room (rob's old one) is spacious and, best of all, quiet (except when I make the noise).

I just want to thank Tim and Brett for their hospitality while Rob was here:

What if...pigs can fly

Sure. What if...all the Muslims suddenly renounced Allah and became Christians. What if my butt. The only reason I vote republican is because of their pro-marriage and pro-life stand. And Obama is determined to carry those who vote the opposite way. (which will keep him in the party and probably keep a lot more voters, sadly) McCain doesn't have all the issues right, just the ones that count, which is more than can be said for Obama.