Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"may I present to you, the class of '09"

that was what he said...and I guess he meant it.  High school is kinda over.  I finished four years of tough education to begin four tougher years..     The ceremony was short and sweet, and I have my mom to thank for that.  She worked long and hard to make it the most perfect graduation ceremony anyone's ever had to endure.       Everyone is asking me how I feel different now that I'm out of high school, and truth be told, I don't.  It's sorta like what I've heard about when someone dies, it doesn't really hit you until later...
But philosophy aside, I'm maxing out this summer, working at Jason's Deli (cream of the fast food crop) and hopefully soon a morning shift across the street at Panera Bread.  I was the recipient of many generous graduation gifts..I didn't phase out enough not to be extremely grateful to all those who contributed.  I have enough to go on the Mexico E-team trip and buy a car, with some money still left over.  
I just bought Kevin DeYoung's book "Just Do Something" on practically making decisions and following God's will.  DeYoung spoke at NEXT '09 which I neglected to post about, but was really totally awesome.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to go download all the messages given there because they were simply amazing.
If anyone has any suggestion on what to do with my summer free time, or whatever time slips through the cracks, I would welcome them...