Monday, June 23, 2008

The agony of politics...

This is sort of how I feel:
Oh the agony of politics...Well, actually before I get into my comment I'll introduce myself as a fellow Sovereign Grace Ministries guy. I'm from Minnesota and attend Sovereign Grace Fellowship, what a blessing that church has been in my life!...This blog hits home for me. I am pro-life to the core and frustrated beyond belief by the state of politics. I am convinced that abortion is the slavery of our day, an issue where there is no moral middle ground. And I pray that by God's grace subsequent generations will look back on this period and marvel that anyone ever argued for murder of innocent babies. To quasi-quote Piper as you did, "I'm all for woman's rights, but there has to be a better way than killing babies."I'm a guy who voted for Bush twice and am utterly torn about his legacy (that could be an entirely separate comment). But more than that, I feel that the Republican party has sold the pro-life movement a bill of goods. They've convinced us to back them, knowing they can drag their feet for introducing real change. So frustrating!! I'll stay tuned to follow your dialogue on these issues.

PS. I love the tone of this blog, talk about Godly fellowship, dialoguing over differences while knowing that you have the gospel in common...what more in common do you need than the cross!!

Thank you, Matthew. Aaron, this is the middle ground that I believe it is my right and duty to stand on.

in Christ,