Monday, April 20, 2009


hey-yo...its been kinda fast lately so I havn't really been on here that much.  

I got back a couple of days ago from a "field trip" to the Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek.  I don't think that the people there who were conducting us through the "field trip" knew that is was a field trip.  There were several officers who were in charge of us for two days, and they worked us like we were in boot camp.  But I can't tell you about that stuff because I had a calc II test that morning so I missed the tough stuff (push-ups, leg-raises, getting yeld at) and came after the officers had already blew most of their steam.  We got to shoot M-16s and 12-gage shotguns, go in the gas chamber, run through Marine obstacle course, and repel down a 90-ft wall.

My favorite moment was, right before we got to repel, the marine who was checking our safety harness to make sure they were on properly (after he had explained it to us several times) came to Brett and took one look at his harness.  It was on backwards.  The marine looked up at Brett and groaned: "Seriously?"