Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to Hollywood.....

Game 3 of the Finals was wacked out. The Lakers 87-81 victory wasn't very convincing, and it didn't really feel like a match-up between the two best teams in the NBA. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were pretty much nonexistent for the Celtics, and Kobe Bryant singlehandedly won the game for the Lakers because none of his teammates looked like they knew what they were doing. Gasol had like, 5 points? Sasa Vuja-whatever had 17, but he played with no class. My uncle said he played like a Chiuaua on steriods. Add the bias officiating and you have a really big mess on your hands. Maybe I'm just bitter because the Celtics lost.


'Viva la vida' to be released over the next few days....

After years of waiting, Coldplay's new album, "Viva la Vida, or Death and All His Friends", is going to be released THIS WEEK!!!!! If you don't want to wait, go to and listen to the entire album. I'm listening to it now, and I have to say it sounds awfully good. The songs have the signature Coldplay style, but Martin and his other bandmates experimented a good deal. They added different musical influences to the songs, breaking out of the alt-rock mold. And it seems to work really well. It's too early to say which songs are my favorite. I like them all!


More politics....

I was only speculating about Obama switching sides. I know he won't, and I said he wouldn't. I do have a question: Is same-sex marriages and abortion the ONLY issues that count? What about Iraq, healthcare, green energy, and care for the poor? I'd say those issues count, too. And McCain and Obama have the same position on same-sex laws. They both believe it's up to the states to decide. I will acknowledge that the Republican party has the right position on abortion. It's murder, and it should be outlawed.