Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More politics....

I was only speculating about Obama switching sides. I know he won't, and I said he wouldn't. I do have a question: Is same-sex marriages and abortion the ONLY issues that count? What about Iraq, healthcare, green energy, and care for the poor? I'd say those issues count, too. And McCain and Obama have the same position on same-sex laws. They both believe it's up to the states to decide. I will acknowledge that the Republican party has the right position on abortion. It's murder, and it should be outlawed.



Grammyblogger said...

Aaron...what makes you think that Obama has all the answers to those issues you mentioned? Abortion is murder and Obama even agrees with killing a baby born from a botched abortion. God will judge those promoting abortion and those voting them into office!

smurferboy said...

Mr. Murray,
Thanks for your comment. It is very helpful to get feedback from men who are far wiser than I am! I fully agree with you that abortion is murder. And I deeply disagree with Senator Obama's position on the subject. But I do not believe he is promoting abortion. It is a huge issue for me, and hopefully I'll be able to write a post addressing your concerns soon. I want to explain why I have no faith in Senator McCain's ability to change Roe vs. Wade.

God Bless,