Saturday, June 21, 2008

Signing in from SD!

Hey everyone! This is Aaron, blogging from sunny Southern California. Right now I'm in Los Angeles at the Biola University Library, and this stupid computer won't let me upload any images, so I can't make this post look cool. My family and I flew out to SD on Thursday, and then drove up to Biola on Friday for our family reunion. The flight was really long, but I had a really cool book with me, A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS, by Khaled Housseni, or something like that. It's the story of a few different woman growing up in Afghanistan, and how their lives are thrown together by war and suffering. Amazing book, I highly recommend it to anyone. On second thought, it does have some objectionable content, so I don't recommend it. Anyway, I'm gonna try and get my Mom to go take me to see Get Smart, so I gotta go. Over the next few days, I plan to write a thoughtful and compelling response to Mikey's recent political post. It'll probably be really boring.


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