Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Facts:

  1. are 2-3 with losses to the Panthers, Broncos, and Dolphins. Dolphins?
  2. have top-of-the-line NFL players who consistently fail to produce
  3. highest scorer is their kicker: Nick Kaeding


  1. are 4-1 with a loss to the 5-0 Super Bowl Champs: the New York Giants
  2. have average, but skilled players who consistently produce above expectation
  3. have spread scoring with players Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, and Santana Moss


John Murphy said...

Conclusion: Neither will win the Super Bowl.

mike parsons said...

How many Super Bowls has this division won? over 1/5 of all Super Bowls. we'll see.

smurferboy said...
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Anonymous said... chance. They're just not good enough. Their defense has been stellar the past few games, but their offense just isn't on a playoff level. There's a reason why these players are listed as "average". It'll all fall apart soon.

Chargers...Yeah it's rough. But they were 2-3 last year and made it all the way to the AFC Championship game. They have some of the best players in the league. L.T. and the defense have been wallflowers so far, but Phillip Rivers and Chris Chambers have been nothing short of incredible. To say they CONSISTENTLY underperform is an incredibly ignorant statement. Don't count the Chargers out just yet.

P.S. The Denver game doesn't even count. You know that. They lost on a blown call.

Nate's the leading scorer???? Yeah right. Chambers has five touchdown catches on the season. That's thirty points. And may I remind you, even after yesterday's disaster, the Chargers still lead the league in scoring average. Think the Redskins could stand up to them? I don't either.

mike parsons said...

Nate Kaeding has 38 points this season.

And the reason I think the Redskins would beat the Chargers? Redskins don't go for stats like highest scoring average, they win games.

smurferboy said...

Ok you're right. Nate Kadeing's got thirty-eight points. Anyone on the Redskins got that many?????

Can you sit there and say that Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, and the rest of the crew would actually beat Rivers, Chambers and co.? Nope. The Chargers have been off-kilter, but I'll bet the barn they'll turn it around soon. The Redskins won at Philly because the Eagles blew a fourteen point lead.

Ashley Elisabeth said...

AAAAAAH! That game was the highlight of my week... maybe my life! okay that's an exaggeration. But it was so amazing! The Skins are on a roll! sorry aaron. But yeah, the redskins have no chance at the superbowl.:(

mike parsons said...

I think your a bit too pessimistic. But aaron, you blow em off cuz philly blew a lead...what about the Saints? the Cardinals? and WHAT ABOUT THE COWBOYS!?!?! the only team that has held out the Redskins in the toughest division in the NFL are the Super Bowl Champs, the 5-0 Giants! AND the Redskins have the next 3 games against three teams who have a combined record of 1-13!!! They'll be heading against tougher teams after that with experience, confidence, and momentum. I'm telling you: things are looking good for them Skins!

Anonymous said...

All that needs to be said is, Jay Cutler. After being blown off for his t1 diabetes, he is out for revenge and the divisions championship will be celebrated a mile high.

Boss Bailey

mike parsons said...

The Broncos may be the trump of their division, but beyond that: no way, Beau or Jake?

smurferboy said...

Ha ha Beau. Watch them lose to Jacksonville and DIE!

mike parsons said...

so morbid. tsk tsk, we're all supporting awesome teams and yes, none of them will probably reach the Super Bowl, but wouldnt it be awesome if at least one of them did?

Would you cheer with them or against them?