Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How far have we come?

I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard this song by Matchbox Twenty. No, it wasn't a Christian radio station so you can condemn me if you like, but this song really provoked me to wonder why people have gotten to the point where they write a song like this. I put the song as the first one on our "colliding tunes" playlist so if you have time, please listen to it and tell us what you think. The lyrics really make you guess as the this songwriter's view on our life here on earth. Please leave a comment about it so I can understand better what this guy might be thinking. Thanks, mp


John Murphy said...

Pagan! Sinner! Matchbox 20 listener! JKLOL. Sounds to me like a song that explores the inevitable end of life as we know it. I actually think that on one level EVERYONE should be listening to this because if you look around you, the problem with people is that have no concept that their lives are going to end. They inject botox and get face lifts and dress like they are 15 so that they won't have to sit down and contemplate exactly what Matchbox 20 is pondering in this song.

smurferboy said...

I'd say the song unintentionally explores the logical consequences of a life without Christ. The singer realizes that life is inherently meaningless and that the world is headed for destruction. The second verse is a perfect description of the despair and overwhelming emptiness brought on by this realization. In that sense I think its a great song because it takes on the world in an honest and straightforward way. The singer doesn't shrink from acknowledging the futility of his life and his worldview, and I respect him for that. Too many people today aren't honest enough to think through the consequences of their philosophical presuppositions. Having said that, the song itself drives me crazy. I used to have it but I got rid of it.